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Concierge Services

Because we specialize exclusively in high rise residential services and have background in high rise Concierge, we have a thorough knowledge of the high level of customer care that both the property’s General Manager and the residents expect. We realize that the front lines are the singular first impression that guests and patrons experience, and our well-trained staff will spoil your residents and create a high impact impression for guests. We treat each interaction as the most important one of our day. We know that when we show up in this way, we can turn somebody’s day around. At Radkin, we exist to spread the power of this smile. We don’t just do it because it’s our job. We do it because we want people to feel seen, heard and cared for.

Valet Services

The valet service that we provide goes beyond just parking a car. It extensively includes anything from Doorman to Porter services. We provide a seamless transition for the residence as they leave their car and enter the building. At Radkin, we tailor our services to meet your residence needs and our staff is trained to handle any type of parking situation that may occur on site.

Courtesy Patrol

Courtesy Patrol services are generally on the move around your property as they help maintain a safe and secure environment. Our courtesy Patrol completes a log every 30 minutes to detail what they are witnessing. Whether it is a maintenance request or a security issue your management team will receive our logs daily. Each daily log will have all troubled spots highlighted so management can focus on the most pressing issues. Our Courtesy Patrols are the additional set of “watchful eyes” for that extra added inspection and protection needed.

About Us:

Radkin (formally known as Global Parking Operations) was founded in 2006 by Gill Plummer. We are a premier service provider geared towards providing residential services that include doorman, concierge, porter, and baggage delivery services as well. With radical kindness and genuine smiles, we take care of all your residential service needs to unburden you from unnecessary distractions. Read More ...

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