Radkin provides services to luxury high rise residential homes in the Houston area. We are currently seeking remarkable professional individuals to join our team.

Where jobs grow into careers

We exist to spread the power of a smile and treat each interaction as the most important one of our day. People who work at Radkin embody these values while at the same time staying true to themselves. Our employees work hard and are rewarded for it with competitive pay and great benefits.

Our continued success is testament to our people

Part Time / Full Time Positions

Experience with an affluent clientele and work environment is required.

Residential Concierge

Because we specialize exclusively in high rise residential services and have background in high rise Concierge, we have a thorough knowledge of the high level of customer care that both the property’s General Manager and the residents expect.


The valet service that we provide goes beyond just parking a car. It extensively includes anything from Doorman to Porter services. We provide a seamless transition for the residence as they leave their car and enter the building.

Gate Concierge

Our Gate Concierges are the additional set of “watchful eyes” for that extra added inspection and protection needed.

Our Story

As humans, we’re used to rote interactions: showing a smile to keep up appearances, responding with, “I’m ok.” Our conversations are short and our eye contact, brief. It’s a habit to keep things on the surface. We put up a front, a plastered show of teeth, between what’s happening inside of ourselves and the world.
A real smile, one connected to a feeling of compassion, is disarming. At Radkin, we exist to spread the power of this smile. We want to live with more humanity and empathy. This kind of smile is an access point to deeper connections, to slowing down, to sharing and to listening.
So, we treat each interaction as the most important one of our day. On the phone, in person, with employees or with customers, we pay attention. We aren’t checking our phones or watches. Our eyes are open. We’re perceptive. Our hearts are turned on. We’re responsive. We don’t just do it because it’s our job. We do it because we want people to feel seen, heard and cared for.
We know that when we show up in this way, we can turn somebody’s day around. If they are having a hard time, a smile lifts them out of that reality. When we meet them with a smile, this unexpected invitation creates a pause. They find themselves in a different headspace and notice this impact. When they do, they’ll be ready to share their own smile, and genuine kindness, to the next person.


  • Smile
  • High Energy
  • Strong Focus
  • Outstanding Teamwork
  • Care for Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Loyal
  • Attention to Detail

Values & Behaviors

Light up a room

  • Share your enthusiasm
  • Listen with a smile
  • Be gracious to all

Show your bearing

  • Head up, Heart In
  • Always stay sharp
  • Use your grit

Bring people together

  • Build community through inclusion
  • Put others at ease
  • Lead with humility

Radkin provides radically kind staff for valet, courtesy patrol, concierge and ancillary amenity services with an emphasis on the highest-quality service.

We bring over 40 years of combined experience in residential amenities management services to the table along with our customer-first values. Contact us to learn more about our valet services for communities.

About Us:

Radkin (formally known as Global Parking Operations) was founded in 2006 by Gill Plummer. We are a premier service provider geared towards providing residential services that include doorman, concierge, porter, and baggage delivery services as well. With radical kindness and genuine smiles, we take care of all your residential service needs to unburden you from unnecessary distractions. Read More ...

Contact Us:

3415 Mercer St Unit G
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 231-3676
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